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Al Bentley - K301 - Windsurf

Australian Freestyle Champion 2014

Managed to take the title again for 2014 but it was extremely tight against James McCarthy Price. The level has increased massively from last year with PWA level moves such as Burners, Futures and Skopus being landed in the heats. Obviously having 30 knots helped as well  Can't wait for next year already!

The boys are working on a video as we speak, and thanks to Billy Craig Photography for taking some amazing action photos.



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Australian Freestyle Champion 2013

Al Bentley first place Australian freestyle champion 2013

Just came back from an unreal week in Cairns competing in the first Australian Freestyle Nationals competition on Green Island.

Check out the event website here:


It was an amazing event, really well run and the location is perfect. Well done to all the organisers, I am sure we will see it bigger and better next year.

The event was sponsored by Qantas, who also helped with some awesome prizes. My prize for first place was a return flight anywhere in Australia, so I have yet to decide where to use it.

Check out some photos from Billy in the gallery and below. Video to follow shortly!



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Perth Freestyle Article

I recently wrote an article on the various freestyle spots around Perth, check it out on the link below:


The article is also accompained by a video, filmed last summer. We didn't get a lot of wind so the action is not insane, but still shows the spots well (mainly Woodies!)


New Zealand National Freestyle Champion 2012!

Just back from a trip to New Zealand where I competed in the National Freestyle competition there. Really great event and friendly people. Can't believe how windy Wellington is, definitely a place to visit if you want to sail full power on 4.2m or lower everyday for half the year. The standard was very impressive too as all the locals are so used to sailing in such strong winds, also very good to see a young crowd of sailors which I think we are missing here in WA.

I managed to win the event ahead of Tom Taylor, although it was extremely close! If it wasn't for pulling out a shaka in the final we were matched move for move. The wind gradually increased throughout the day starting from a solid 25 knots up to 40!! The tide also dropped off which meant in the final we were sailing in a tiny strip of water which turns extremely (ankle deep) at the edges. As usual smashed the nose of my board flaming Spock Culos.

Thanks to Eric Torvelainen for organising the event, he did an excellent job. Check out some photos below and apparently there is a video coming.

Article on surfertoday:


Shot of the competition area before the comp kicked off, awesome spot and great for spectators, but it gradually got a lot smaller!!

Me Mid overpowered spock on 3.7m!

Article on Sail-world


Tom Taylor (2nd) launches into a flaka during one of the heats


New Windsurf Forum website set up

I haven't managed to update my website since being in Perth (18 months now!), hopefully in the future I will get some more time to spend on it.

One of my many side projects I have been working on is a new website. It is a windsurfing forum (yes its been done before!) with a difference, the main aim was to try and capture the younger generation of sailors and to create a forum that is international as there are already a number of excellent local forums. I decided early on to fully integrate the forum with Facebook, this means you can only login using a Facebook account. There are a number of advantages to this, firstly I feel it helps to grow the community as people are forced to use their real profile, this will hopefully allow people to make more real life connections and also gives a higher level of accountability. Some forums have the problem of posters who constantly pimp/promote a product they have an interest in. On my forum it will be clear who the poster is, so you can easily tell if they have a vested interested or not. There is also integration with Facebook which posts to the users wall when they post, hopefully this will help the site grow and encourage other users to read/ join.

The site is called Waiting4wind, check it out below:



waiting 4 wind

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